State of the art automatic beehive

Our design uses self-emptying mechanical bee frames and gravity so we can revolutionize beekeeping

The idea

Honey extraction process is performed directly from the hive at apiary location – this way we reduce amount of work neded and eliminate transport

Additionally you do not need to have specialized equipment and dedicated workshop so the whole process becomes cheaper.

Bee families aren`t interrupted as they would be in traditional process as you do not need to open the hive and take out the frames

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Cost reduction per kilo

Moving forward towards Internet of Things

MyHive offers dedicated app and in-build sensors so you can monitor the beehive condition. Application checks:

  • temperature
  • humidity
  • weight
  • and noise
so you know exactly what is happening inside the hive. This allows you to perform remote overview at any time from any location.

Intellectual Property

Did you know that first Patent about beehive construction was published in 1839 in US ? 

We continue engineering approach. Our solution has already gained freedom to operate and patent process is pending

What Makes Us Different?

Cost benefit for Professionals

With MyHive you can lower honey production costs

Sustainable development

Looking for a way to make your company meet ESG ?


Take care of your bee family with a help of technology

Beginner satisfaction

Setting your own apiary was never easier

Ready to join bee revolution ?

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